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Digital Geometry Processing


Xiao-Ming Fu       University of Science and Technology of China


This course provides an introduction to digital geometry processing, a subfield of computer graphics. This course will cover basic mathematical foundations for studying 3D surfaces from a discrete differential geometric standpoint and present the full geometry processing pipeline, including mesh representation, mesh smoothing, parameterization, remeshing, decimation and surface deformation.


0. Introduction
1. Mesh_Representation
2. Discrete_Differential_Geometry
3. Mesh Smoothing
4. Mesh Parameterizations
5. Spherical Parameterizations
6. Remeshing
7. Deformation


Mesh Smoothing
Implementation: Bilateral mesh denoising
Extended task: Mesh Denoising via Cascaded Normal Regression
Deadline: 24:00 2017/3/19

Mesh Parameterization
Implementation: MIPS: An efficient global parametrization method
Extended task: Bijective Parameterization with Free Boundaries
Deadline: 24:00 2017/4/9

Implementation: A Remeshing Approach to Multiresolution Modeling
Extended task: Error-Bounded and Feature Preserving Surface Remeshing with Minimal Angle Improvement
Deadline: 24:00 2017/4/30

Mesh Simplification
Implementation: Surface Simplification Using Quadric Error Metrics
Extended task: Quadrilateral Mesh Simplification
Deadline: 24:00 2017/5/21

Mesh Deformation
Implementation: Free-Form Deformation of Solid Geometric Models
Extended task: Provably Good Planar Mappings
Deadline: 24:00 2017/6/11

Paper Reading and Representation

Specified paper: Polygon Mesh Repairing: An Application Perspective
Deadline: 24:00 2017/6/11